SimCity™: Cities of Tomorrow

New Origin exclusive! Get the bonus SkyClops Coaster. Get details.

SimCity™: Cities of Tomorrow

Redefine your skyline.

Download SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow for PC/Mac on Origin and evolve your city with new technologies, buildings, giant robots and more!

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  • Mild Violence

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Attract crowds. Boost profits. Get the awesome SkyClops Coaster!

Want more tourists? This futuristic roller-coaster crown clamps onto the top of MegaTowers for a stunning tourist attraction! Save space and earn money with this high-tech coaster!

Key features:
- Tourist attraction: Increase tourism with easier traffic flow.
- MegaTower destination: Pack a MegaTower full of workers and shopping, then top it with the SkyClops Coaster Crown. Tourists will spend money at Mall Levels in the MegaTower below it!
- Boost regional profits: This exclusive crown increases the profits earned by all Tourism Crowns in the region.

Skyclops Coaster Crown Exclusive Content