The ultimate
Skate experience

Build your brand, create your own park
An entire world is yours to explore.

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Skater heaven isn’t just a dream anymore

Hit the ramps of Port Carverton for the ultimate in skateboarding action in Skate 3! Build your team with real-world friends or AI buddies to dominate your competition. Three different modes of play teach rookies tricks quickly, while hard-core players will find plenty of challenges to hone their skills. Build the skate park of your dreams with the new Skate. Create tool, adding ramps, ledges and rails to test your skills. Keep it private for your friends, or put it online. Speaking of online, the Skate.Reel feature captures each one of your brilliant moves to share and replay later. No one has to take your word for it any longer: with Skate 3, you can show them.

Origin specializes in digital downloads. If you would like the game on disc, please visit the publisher’s website.