Carve the world’s
Deadliest descents

Can you conquer the tallest peaks?
Shred your way into the limelight!

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Nothing beats fresh powder

Extreme snowboarding reaches new heights in SSX. This franchise returns jam-packed with jaw-dropping gameplay and spine-tingling runs. Using NASA topographical satellite data, SSX reproduces real mountains from nine different ranges worldwide. Navigate your way to Everest, Kilimanjaro, or Mont Blanc via a Google-Earth inspired interface, then explore every inch of the multiple elevations at each peak: there are no invisible barriers to hold you back. SSX also features three different types of adrenaline-pumping gameplay: speed your way down the slopes in Race It, nail gravity-defying moves in Trick It, and take on insane Mother Nature boss battles in Survive It. Play classic characters — like Mac Fraser and Zoe Payne — or choose one of three new snowboarders created for this game. Revolutionary online features take your game global, connecting you with SSX players all over the world. Interface with friends using the RiderNet recommendation engine, inspired by Need for Speed's critically acclaimed Autolog™ system. Compete in real-time multiplayer events or challenge your friends' best ghost runs at your leisure. Ready to shred some of the most spectacular mountains in the world? It's time to experience the pulse-pounding intensity of SSX snowboarding.

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